Information about myself.

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Welcome to my site. I am Entorwellian and have been involved with creating electronic music since 1997 and have derived a lot from having learned everything independently.
I decided to dabble in some html, css and javascript in my spare time and thought it would be best to apply it to a neocities domain in full web 1.0 glory.
This place is somewhere to store my collective knowledge and works to anyone who is interested in techniques like applying newtonian physics equations to envelope generators.
I genuinely enjoyed all of those hours spent with failures and successes in sound design and exploring limits, as well as the other oddballs who I met and listened to along the way.
Covid and medication-resistant anhedonia have forced me into retirement from song composing, but I still dabble in audio in small bursts.

13 important life lessons for performing live.

If you need to contact me for anything, you can reach me at: entorwellian (at) gmail dot com. If I don't reply, my answer is "no."